About Jack Rankin

Recently, I had the honour of being selected as your prospective Conservative MP for Warwick and Leamington.

This area holds a special place in my heart and in my life - it’s where I met my wife Sarah and it’s where I’ve made some of my closest friends over the years. It’s here in Warwick and Leamington where we have made our home and it’s here where we look forward to starting our family.

And it’s little surprise why we chose to set down roots here; with the historic town centres, many diverse and amazing independent businesses, award winning parks, newly refurbished leisure centres, a thriving tech industry, and manufacturing of some of the UK’s most iconic brands, we have much to be proud of in Warwick and Leamington and much to show-off to the rest of the country.

But I know there is still more that can be done to make Warwick and Leamington an even better place to live. I want to see fairer funding for our local schools, more money for our NHS and government policies that reward people for their hard work. This is why I want to be your next Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington – to promote the area both locally and nationally, and ensure we always get the best deal.