Pedestrian safety 'put at risk' if cycling ban is lifted, says Jack

Pedestrian safety 'put at risk' if cycling ban is lifted, says Jack

Jack Rankin is calling on the Royal Borough to maintain its ban on cyclists using the pedestrianised areas of Peascod Street, Windsor and High Street, Maidenhead.

Windsor’s Conservative candidate for MP is concerned that the Council is consulting on a possible lifting of the restrictions, potentially with cycling being allowed before 10am and after 5pm.

The safety of shoppers and children will be put at risk if this happens.

Jack explained: "Whilst cycling is to be encouraged as a sustainable means of transport, a busy pedestrianised area with sharp inclines such as Peascod Street is wildly inappropriate. Not long ago a small child was seriously injured by a cyclist doing travelling at speed. Public safety should be the top priority for our Council.”

Jack believes an earlier consultation about renewing the PSPO was botched by the Liberal Democrat dominated Council. It did not follow the proper processes, leading to a further need to consult.

"The latest consultation suggests that vehicles are allowed access 24-7 access. This is incorrect. The times that vehicles can enter Peascod Street are strictly controlled for loading purposes and not allowed at all between 8pm and 6am," said Jack.

"There have been many flaws in this consultation. Wording it, ‘To promote safer cycling in town centres’ is misleading given that lifting the ban would achieve the very opposite. I would encourage any RBWM residents who share my concerns to respond to the consultation and make their views heard.”

The PSPO consultation can be found at

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