Hundreds sign Jack's petition to save Windsor museum and tourist centre

Hundreds sign Jack's petition to save Windsor museum and tourist centre

Jack Rankin's petition to save the Windsor Museum and Tourist Information Centre from closure has been signed by more than 600 people in under a week.

Our campaign to force the Royal Borough Liberal Democrats to abandon the proposals has made headlines in the local media, including the front of the Slough and Windsor Express (see below).

Thanking the public for supporting the petition, Jack said: "To go from a standing start to over 600 signatures in a few days shows how local people really value Windsor's tourist centre and museum and want to send a message to the Royal Borough to rethink their plans.

"The media coverage and the conversations on local social media have made uncomfortable reading for the Council, and rightly so. I recognise the financial challenges they face, but this is a sum of money that can be found. We must keep the pressure on the Council to scrap any plans for closure and to commit publicly to retaining the museum and tourist centre in its current home."
Windsor's Guildhall with our museum and tourist centre in situ, are the gateway to our town and enable our Royal Heritage to be shared and enjoyed by young and old, locals and tourist.

Please continue to share Jack's petition and encourage your friends to sign. We want to get it to 1,000 signatures and beyond.

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