Hatton, Budbrooke and Norton Lindsey

The tranquil west of the constituency encompasses the parishes of Hatton, Budbrooke and Norton Lindsey. We have lots of support on the doorsteps but there are significant concerns, primarily about development to sustain new development, both at Hatton Park and Hampton Magna, and rural isolation, such as the poor provision of bus services.

I have been campaigning with your local councillors to make sure that we have transport infrastructure that fits the scale of development proposed. The road linkage on to the Birmingham Road from the proposed development to the east of Hatton Park is unacceptable and dangerous, and another road link is required on the new development at Hampton Magna.

I am also concerned about the frequency of bus services, viewing the reduction in services as potentially isolating for vulnerable members of our community and counterproductive if the aim is to cut cost, as loneliness will only increase demand for more acute county council services.