Jack Rankin fights to save free access to Castle for Windsor residents

Jack Rankin fights to save free access to Castle for Windsor residents

Parliamentary candidate Jack Rankin is urging The Royal Collection to reconsider their decision to withdraw free access to Windsor Castle for local people.

Until now, Windsor residents have enjoyed free visits to the Castle using the Advantage Card but from 1st June they will pay £16.50, with free entry restricted to under 17s accompanying a card holder.

Jack, the Conservative candidate for Windsor constituency, commented: "I am deeply disappointed that Royal Borough residents will be charged for access to Windsor Castle. This is the wrong decision, especially for Windsor residents.

"The town and the Castle have a symbiotic relationship. We are proud of the Castle and our Royal connection, but there is a burden to be shared. Windsor welcomes over a million tourists a year and that brings a certain amount of traffic and disruption to the town. Free entry to the Castle is a welcomed way of recognising that relationship and it should be retained."

The news is the latest blow for residents who have already endured a hike in parking charges and the threatened closure of Windsor's tourist centre and Museum from the Liberal Democrat-run Royal Borough.

Jack added: "The Royal Borough has eroded the value of the Advantage Card by reducing the discount in its own car parks to residents. In the past year, it has also whacked Windsor with excessive increases in car parking charges and proposed to close our museum and the tourist office.

"These changes will likely have been noted and it is difficult for a council eroding the Advantage Card discount and cutting visitor services to argue it is holding its end of the bargain up.

"Local politicians and the Royal Borough have always had a constructive relationship with the Castle, that appears not to be the case currently: To get mutually beneficial outcomes it is important we resume that relationship."

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