Jack welcomes increased spending on defence

Jack welcomes increased spending on defence

Jack Rankin has welcomed the Conservative Party's commitment to increase defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP by 2030.

This amounts to £87 billion a year in 2030, primarily focused on three areas: firing up the UK defence industrial base, modernising our Armed Forces, and backing Ukraine’s defence.

Jack, the Parliamentary candidate for Windsor, said: "My personal view is that we should go further as I believe we are in a 'pre-war' environment, and as MP I will keep pushing for that.

"It is clear that we are in any increasingly dangerous world with threats from Russia, Iran and China, and the United Kingdom should be raising defence spending quickly: Defence of the realm is the primary responsibility of the British Government."

Jack supports continued membership of NATO and the UK retaining its nuclear deterrent, adding: "It is concerning that many of Labour’s front bench have voted against this significant issue of national security."

He believes we must uphold the rules based international order which is key to own national security. As such Jack is supportive of UK funding to Ukraine (currently at £7 billion so far, not including substantial donations of stockpiles from our inventory).

On arms industry, Jack sees a need to "re-fire our industrial base" as we have started that with shell manufacturing in Sunderland, and we need to 'fix' MoD procurement.

For more on Jacks plans and pledges go here.

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