My Plan

My priorities for Warwick and Leamington as your next MP would be:

  • Growing our Police Force

    Our local police force do so much to ensure our safety across Warwick and Leamington. I fully support the Conservative Government's investment in more frontline officers, with an extra 150 already delivered for Warwickshire. I will fight for our fair share of all increases in police numbers. 

  • Improving roads and transport

    The level of traffic and congestion locally is a big frustration- that’s why we need new creative infrastructure solutions, and infrastructure preceding future new housing developments.

  • Investing in our local NHS

    By 2023, the NHS will get an extra £33.9 billion – every year. Our local NHS services are some of the best in the country: I will campaign for the investment in new treatments and technologies in our local NHS. 

  • Supporting local businesses

    Our small and independent businesses are part of what makes Warwick and Leamington unique. As well as a key part of the character of our area, they also provide job and apprenticeship opportunities.