The Prime Minister is right to make stopping the boats a priority

The Prime Minister is right to make stopping the boats a priority

The Prime Minister has made it clear that 'stopping the boats' in one of his top priorities: Jack Rankin agrees this is right. It is totally unacceptable that human traffickers are undermining control at our border.

Speaking about the issue, following the passing of a bill in Parliament this week, Jack said:

"Last year, we made some progress addressing the problem of small boats in the Channel, cutting crossings by a third primarily by agreeing a returns deal with Albania. The deal with Albania showed that if the economic migrants who cross the channel illegally understand that they will not stay in the UK, the attraction ceases.

For non-Albanians, the problem remains and they believe that by crossing the channel they will be able to stay and game the system, a belief reinforced by the gangs who prey on them. The tragic recent case of the drowning of five in the channel underscores the need for a plan to defeat the criminal gangs who put vulnerable people in danger in order to make a quick profit.

The Safety of Rwanda Bill was passed this week by the Government. It will make sure that those who cross illegally will not be able to stay, removing the incentive to make such a dangerous crossing and removing the demand that gives gangs their power. Training for caseworkers has already can begun and we will be on track for the first deportation flights in 10-12 weeks. We are also working closely with the countries that these migrants come from in order to have a robust framework in place and to ensure a smooth process.

This has already been shown to work exceptionally well with the Albanian government, and we are putting together similar agreements with Vietnam."

Do you have a view on stopping the boats? Let Jack know what you think. 

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