Working hard to Improve Warwick and Leamington


This year Warwickshire police has grown by 150 warranted police officers. Next year the force will grow to over 1,000 police officers- Boris’s 20,000 extra police officer pledge is already helping to make your family safer.

There will be increased visibility throughout our towns and villages, with quicker response times to incidents. Our Police and Crime Commissioner, Phillip Seccombe, has strengthen our Safer Neighbour Teams and is forming a Rural Crime Team.


High Streets

I was delighted when the Conservative government shortlisted Leamington for the £1 billion Future High Streets Fund, following a top-notch bid from Warwick District Council.

With our towns and high streets facing such varied challenges, this investment will allow us to properly connect the Parade with the train station, provide proper way-finding, revitalise Old Town and make the most out of the canal and parks, bringing them into the town. 


Renewable Energy

The last three months were the first-ever quarter where renewables produced more power than fossil fuels in the UK since 1882. Over the past ten years, Conservative governments have helped oversee a stunning transformation of the UK’s electricity system.

Working in the renewable energy industry, I see that this country is leading the way globally. As the cost of renewable energy and energy storage continues to fall, we are on our way to becoming  carbon neutral and eliminating air pollution from Warwick and Leamington.


Investing in the People's Priorities

We are investing extra money in the NHS, tackling violent crime and education– making sure people see additional funding for the NHS in their frontline services, hiring 20,000 new police officers and properly funding our schools.

Thanks to the Conservatives, there are now more people starting apprenticeships in Warwick and Leamington, up from 350 in 2009-10 to 470 in 2017-18. I believe we can’t risk this with Jeremy Corbyn.