Jack takes part in 'Question Time' debate at Charters School

Jack takes part in 'Question Time' debate at Charters School

Jack Rankin and fellow General Election candidates were put through their paces by sixth formers at Charters School in Sunningdale.

A Question Time style debate hosted by Head of Year 12 Steve Metson saw the candidates representing Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, and Jack for the Conservatives, asked questions including: How can MPs justify a 5% pay rise?, Is it fair to charge university students £9,250 a year for tuition fees? and What is being done to repair local roads, as the impact of damage to cars caused by potholes is driving up insurance and pricing out young drivers?

The hour debate was live-streamed to the Year 12 students who watched from their Tutor rooms, the Year 13 cohort formed the audience for the questions, which were posed in the school's Common Room.

A school spokesperson said: "It was interesting for the students to hear the differing opinions of the parties as the representatives answered the questions. After the debate, the students were able to chat with the delegates, and share their views on the topics."

Commenting afterwards, Jack Rankin said: "I enjoyed speaking to first-time voters at Charters School this morning. Thank you so much for having us. Students were very bright and engaged, they are a credit to their school."

A packed audience at Charters School

Jack speaks to a student after the debate

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