My Plan

Windsor constituency is a great place to live, work and raise a family but like anywhere we have our challenges. Below is a six point plan to improve our communities which I am committed to deliver as our area's next MP.


1. Better protection from flooding, and cleaning up our waterways.

Flooding remains a top tier issue right across the constituency, particularly in Datchet, Horton, Wraysbury, Old Windsor and Colnbrook. Jack will argue in Parliament for national funding for the strategic infrastructure we need to protect local residents from flooding, and tackle sewage discharges in our rivers.

2. Oppose a third runway at Heathrow and fight for noise respite for residents.

Airport expansion means increased noise intrusion impacting on the quality of life of residents. Jack will oppose a third runway and argue for dispersal.


Jack supports the preservation of local green spaces

3. Make sure development is sustainable and greens spaces and heritage are protected.

Jack wants new homes to be sustainably located and new roads, schools and GP surgeries provided in advance. We must protect green spaces and heritage.


Jack at Wraysbury Health Club

4. Expand GP provision and deliver NHS more services where you need them.

Jack will lobby government and NHS trusts for more GP surgeries, particularly where we are seeing new homes and existing shortages, such as in Sunningdale and Langley.


Jack with PCC Matthew Barber

5. Make policing more visible and crackdown on antisocial behaviour.

The Conservatives have delivered 20,000 more police officers. Now we need to see more police presence on the streets and more focus on burglary, car theft and crime that affects quality of life.


Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

6. Scrap the ULEZ expansion and strengthen our influence over London policies that impact us.

Jack supports scrapping the Labour Mayor of London's ULEZ, which has added costs and hardship to residents and businesses here. He wants a stronger voice for councils bordering London. 

I welcome your feedback on my plan and anything else that you would like me to campaign on. Go here to ask a question or send me a message.