Jack backs Council's ambition for university campus in Slough

Jack backs Council's ambition for university campus in Slough

Last year, residents placed their trust in the Slough Conservatives to run Slough Borough Council for the first time in 40 years - against the national trend.


At the next General Election, most of Langley Marish and Langley Foxborough joins Colnbrook and Poyle in coming into the Windsor Parliamentary constituency, and MP candidate Jack Rankin has been meeting Slough Leader Cllr Dexter Smith to understand the reforms being made to create a fit-for-purpose Slough Borough Council that is value for money for Slough taxpayers.

Jack said: "We recently discussed the Conservative pledge to 'Bring a University Campus to Slough'. The intent of this pledge is to regenerate the heart of Slough whilst giving young people the skills they need to access the wealth of opportunities in the region (there is a significant discrepency by the income of wages earned in Slough and the wages earned by those who live in Slough).

"Thames Valley University, which became the University of West London, used to have a campus - so really trying restore opportunities such as you outline from the past."

Jack makes plans with Cllr Dexter Smith

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