Budget puts Windsor first and helps grow the economy

Budget puts Windsor first and helps grow the economy

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Budget this week is supporting "families across the Windsor constituency with the cost of living and promoting growth" says Jack Rankin.

Thanks to the actions of the Conservative Government, inflation has halved from 11.1. per cent to 4.0 per cent, wages continue to grow and mortgage rates are coming down.

A couple earning the average wage (£35,400) will benefit from a combined annual tax cut of £1,827. And reductions to the High-Income Child Benefit Charge will see family with two children, where one parent earns £65,000, gaining £1,664 towards childcare costs.

Jack said: "These measures build on the £900 cost-of-living payments for eight million families, a rise in the National Living Wage and the increase of the State Pension.

Recently I visited Daniel, the iconic department store in Windsor, where I discussed competition from online and out-of-town retailers. While more needs to be done specifically to help bricks and mortar businesses, it was pleasing to see that Jeremy Hunt raised the VAT threshold for 28,000 small businesses and cut NI contributions for the self-employed, allowing them to prioritise growth.

The freeze to alcohol duty should be welcome news for our hospitality industry in Windsor.

This is a Government that is on the side of working families and is working in spite of tough times to put more money into your pocket and ease the cost of living."

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